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2018 is being rebuilt as a web application

Over the past few months, we've spent a lot of time working with HubSpot customers to understand how they're using Belch to build landing pages, website pages, and email templates for HubSpot, and we've learned a lot along the way. While we've only had the MacOS version of the app available to customers, we have not forgotten about all the Windows users patiently waiting on our waitlist since Inbound 2017.

We're happy to announce that we've come to the conclusion that building a Windows version of the existing app would only be a small step in the right direction, so we've switched gears and are now on track to release the next iteration of as a web application, meaning both MacOS and Windows users will be able to use a single online version of our builder, and our team will be able to make updates and implement new functionality much faster than in the past.

More good news.

Our target date for releasing the web application is now May 10th, so for those of you who have been patiently waiting, or have been eyeballing Belch for your company, we have a delivery date planned, and it'll be here before you know it.

What will be new in Belch this year?

Good question. has been a small internal project for us at Big Presence, but the response has been huge from the hundreds of users we've onboarded over the past few months. We're now at a point where we want to greatly expand what Belch is capable of, because we've heard your requests loud and clear.

Here's what we're planning to add to Belch over the next few months:

  • Team accounts w/ template sharing and discounted pricing
  • Additional Content Block Templates (Pricing Grids, Blog Listings, Single Blog Templates etc)
  • Responsive editing view (removes edit panels from sitting on top of builder)
  • Expansion of our base theme library
  • Brand Guidelines Template Profiles (save your theme settings for future builds)
  • Partner Program (Allows HubSpot Customers to connect with HubSpot Partners for services)

There is plenty more on our roadmap, but this is where we've seen the most requests since our release in September.

 As we finalize a few things internally, we'll be reaching out to offer pre-sales discounts to anyone looking to finally get their hands on Belch, and start building for HubSpot like never before.


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