Aug 23

Benefits of Belch - for Agencies

Marketing agencies are heroes and villains at the same time. When there are victories, like a successful inbound marketing campaign, clients have hearts in their eyes. When something goes wrong, like an email sent out with the wrong link, the pitchforks come out instantly. Most of the time, if the agency is worth its salt, you get the former, but it’s always a precarious balance - keeping clients happy.

Marketing Agencies Need the Best Tools Possible

No matter how you look at it, marketing agencies have a lot to juggle. In fact, if you work in an agency, or own one, you know the jokes and comments fly around every day about how many different roles agency staff members have to play. They’re psychologists, magicians and cheerleaders, alongside more official roles as strategists, designers, writers and developers. So, with so much going on, and slim profit margins on most of our labor-intensive work, it’s imperative that agencies find and use the best tools possible.

Why Every Agency Should Be Using Belch to Build for HubSpot

Agencies are fawning over the Belch builder, and with good reason. It’s a super easy to use desktop app that allows anyone and everyone to build pages and emails for HubSpot, and it cuts out a huge portion of the time it takes to build custom assets. Because of the astronomical amount of labor saved in building custom assets for HubSpot, your subscription fee for Belch pays for itself the very first time you click “Publish to HubSpot.”

Imagine if your landing page or email designer could also be building said landing page and email without needing to take it to one of your more expensive members of the development team. A project that takes 2 hours of design and 5-8 hours of development, can now take just 3 hours to design and build. That’s the kind of impact a truly visual, no coding necessary, builder can do for your team.

Or, what if your marketing strategist could not only conceptualize a new content campaign, but actually design, write and even build the landing page without pulling in your entire marketing team? Building landing pages, promotional emails and follow up messages for a new content effort can is a big process that touches a lot of skillsets. Belch allows any smart marketer to do it all in one platform.

We’ve got agencies Belching all over the place. Want to join them?

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About Morgan Wells

Morgan Wells is a marketing strategist, editor and copywriter with a 15 year track record in digital marketing. Morgan runs marketing for Big Presence, a digital agency in Newport Beach, CA. When she's not writing blogs for BELCH, or running marketing campaigns for enterprise clients, she enjoys yoga, kickboxing and travel.