Aug 30

Benefits of Belch - for Marketers

As a marketer working with businesses that use strategic inbound marketing methods to draw in new leads, nurture those leads into customers, and convert customers into loyal brand evangelists, I feel pretty solid about my marketing chops.

I’m a strategist, copywriter, a hard worker, and usually pretty creative. The campaigns I run for clients at Big Presence are normally very successful, with landing page conversions at an average of 30%, and our clients are seemingly all happy with the work we produce. The problem is, I often feel trapped by the process of creating landing pages and emails for HubSpot, because I’m not a designer or a developer. The idea of creating a custom landing page or email for HubSpot has to go through a very specific chain of steps to approval at the agency where I work. Because of time constraints, process hurdles, and client budgets, the opportunity to build completely fresh HubSpot pages and emails came few and far between. Then came Belch.

With Belch’s page and email builder for HubSpot, I can get the ideas in my head and the words I think need to be said out there into a fully functioning HubSpot asset, without calling anyone else. The benefit of using Belch for someone like me is hard to quantify, but I know I spend far less time now trying to translate my idea to a designer, and then working with development to bring it to life.

With Belch, Any Marketer Can:

  • Wireframe a new page or email without as much help from a designer
  • Style a new landing page, or email with an intuitive set of visual tools
  • Take a new asset from the idea phase to usable functionality on HubSpot - without touching code
  • Save time and budget by doing more without a big team
  • Reduce “lost in translation” moments between strategy, design and development

Benefits of Belch for Marketers

  1. Belch enables marketers to build for themselves
  2. Belch makes custom marketing assets more affordable
  3. Belch removes the limitations of using existing templates to reduce development costs


So, what are you waiting for? Try Belch for yourself.

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About Morgan Wells

Morgan Wells is a marketing strategist, editor and copywriter with a 15 year track record in digital marketing. Morgan runs marketing for Big Presence, a digital agency in Newport Beach, CA. When she's not writing blogs for BELCH, or running marketing campaigns for enterprise clients, she enjoys yoga, kickboxing and travel.