Aug 17

Building a HubSpot agency's landing page in less than 9 minutes

One of our goals with Belch is to help agencies and HubSpot customers build faster and more efficiently for HubSpot, which is why we took an opportunity to use Belch to rebuild the first landing page we could find on one of HubSpot's more well-known agency partner's website. In this case, we chose Impact Brand based in Connecticut, because they do great marketing, and understand the value of landing page design as it relates to conversion rates as well as anyone. 



Granted, this is a pretty simple landing page to recreate, but the important thing to remember here is that Belch's true value is that at no point did we have to go into any code to make this landing page, and we didn't start with a template that was pre-determined in any way.

Belch utilizes pre-built "themes" that help you get started as you're building something custom, but those themes should really only be considered a skeleton for whatever you intend to build.

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