Jun 20

How Belch.io is Reducing HubSpot Development Costs by 90%

One of the main reasons we built the Belch.io visual builder for HubSpot is that we're always looking to build tools that make life easier for marketers and developers. It's fair to say that the majority of marketers using HubSpot do not have the ability to write code, even basic CSS, which is what controls the style of a web-based design asset, and although HubSpot's new design tools are a step in the right direction, it still requires users to know how to write classes and CSS to make use of the builder.

Enter the Belch.io HubSpot builder.

The core functionality of Belch allows ANYONE, regardless of skillset, to build a custom layout, implement photos to elevate the design, use Font Awesome icons and style it to whatever look desired to meet the needs of the landing page, website page or email and publish it directly to their HubSpot portal .... with no coding necessary.

Watch this 11 minute demo of building a landing page for HubSpot with Belch.io - it may change your life.

As CEO of Big Presence, a Gold HubSpot Partner Agency, that specializes in helping HubSpot customers strategize, manage and build for HubSpot, we uniquely understand the challenges customers face when using HubSpot, and the lack of development skills are always at the top of the list. This has resulted in HubSpot customers turning to the HubSpot Template Marketplace to purchase pre-designed templates which will ultimately require some amount of development to match the customer's branding and often may require the customer to need to customize the template to fit a specific layout for their content.

What if HubSpot Customers Could Build Their Own Custom Templates?

Inbound marketing is all about creating content specific to a buyer persona, at a specific stage in the sales process and creating as many conversion opportunities as possible to drive lead generation. So why would we want to limit ourselves to fitting fresh content into old layouts instead of allowing creative marketers to build something fresh for every need?

In the past, as we experienced over at Big Presence, it became obvious fairly quickly that our clients would rather re-use existing templates for each campaign than pay for new custom built landing pages or email layouts even though the new assets would likely perform better, and would provide their visitors the best experience possible.

This is why we built Belch.io. Now, our creatives and marketers can design every landing page, website page and email specific to the content needed to maximize conversions and do better marketing for cheaper than ever. A custom landing page that may have taken a $75/hr developer 3-5 hours to build, can now be built by a $25/hr marketer in less than 10 minutes.

It's hard not to see the value of a builder like that.

Try the Belch.io HubSpot builder for free at https://app.belch.io

Want to just style a HubSpot form without writing CSS? Try our HubSpot Form Styler ... for free.


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Charles Drengberg is CEO + Co-Founder of Belch.io and has spent the past 5 years of his life helping businesses implement inbound marketing and sales strategies through his agency, Big Presence, based in Newport Beach, CA. When he's not working, he's either putting dents on golf course greens around Southern California, or spending time being a new father and not sleeping ever, not even a little on weekends. You can follow him on IG: @parlayaddict for baby photos and complaints about everyday things.