Jul 10

Why We Built Belch

We are a team of designers, marketers and developers dedicated to the idea that inbound marketing on HubSpot is the best way for businesses to thoughtfully interact with prospective leads and customers.

As a Gold HubSpot Partner Agency, we spend a lot of our time building pages for our HubSpot clients. While the platform’s tools are certainly powerful, we saw a need to build a front-end page template builder that would enable ALL types of HubSpot users the ability to design and BUILD their own custom page templates.

That’s why we created BELCH, a downloadable desktop application that allows you to build custom templates for HubSpot, without ever touching code.

What is BELCH?

BELCH is a landing page and COS page template builder that integrates directly with your HubSpot portal. It’s a desktop application for Mac (and soon Windows) that provides easy-to-use visual design tools for building and customizing page templates based on your specific needs and preferences. Once your page template is built, just click ‘Publish-to-HubSpot’ and we’ll add HubSpot’s HUBL code to your new template, and publish the page on HubSpot with a single click of a button.

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BELCH is more than a visual builder. It is a time-saving tool for developers, marketers and designers who want to create custom landing and website pages for HubSpot without hours of hard coding.

Why We Built BELCH

HubSpot has tools within the HubSpot platform called the COS (Content Optimization System) and the Design Manager. Because the COS and Design Manager have to accommodate many levels of expertise and customization when building landing pages - from the average HubSpot customer or marketer to experienced code developers - the features in the system can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why we created a complementary tool for taking a template from concept to publish that fully integrates using the HubSpot API.

BELCH is a desktop application for HubSpot COS that complements existing tools to make the process of creating beautiful, functional landing pages easier than ever before. We built it, because we wanted to use it, and now we want you to use it too.

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About Morgan Wells

Morgan Wells is a marketing strategist, editor and copywriter with a 15 year track record in digital marketing. Morgan runs marketing for Big Presence, a digital agency in Newport Beach, CA. When she's not writing blogs for BELCH, or running marketing campaigns for enterprise clients, she enjoys yoga, kickboxing and travel.