Jun 20

How Belch.io is Reducing HubSpot Development Costs by 90%

One of the main reasons we built the Belch.io visual builder for HubSpot is that we're always looking to build tools that make life easier for marketers and developers. It's fair to say that the majority of marketers using HubSpot do not have the ability to write code, even basic CSS, which is what controls the style of a web-based design asset, and ... read more
Aug 30

Benefits of Belch - for Marketers

As a marketer working with businesses that use strategic inbound marketing methods to draw in new leads, nurture those leads into customers, and convert customers into loyal brand evangelists, I feel pretty solid about my marketing chops. I’m a strategist, copywriter, a hard worker, and usually pretty creative. The campaigns I run for clients at Big ... read more
Aug 23

Benefits of Belch - for Agencies

Marketing agencies are heroes and villains at the same time. When there are victories, like a successful inbound marketing campaign, clients have hearts in their eyes. When something goes wrong, like an email sent out with the wrong link, the pitchforks come out instantly. Most of the time, if the agency is worth its salt, you get the former, but it’s ... read more