Jan 24

How to Style a Form for HubSpot in 3 Minutes or Less

Your website is built, pages are styled, you’ve made sure that your colors and font styles are right for your brand, and everything looks cohesive. As you go to add your contact form, you realize.. it doesn’t match your website and it’s kind of an eye sore. So you try to style it and you realize that your website’s CSS is not HubSpot's best friend. Styling ... read more
Jan 11

How to Build Effective Landing Pages According to Experienced HubSpot Marketers

We’re invested in making the page building experience on HubSpot faster and easier by providing a visual page builder that anyone can conceivably use. Making it easier to build is only half the battle when creating successful landing pages though, so we reached out to our friends at Databox to get some tips on building the most effective landing pages ... read more