Dec 17

Setting Global Styles with Belch

Let's be honest: making sure your page is consistent in style and look is a hassle. Especially if you have to do it manually and page by page. That's why we made it easy with Belch to set your Global styles all in one place and never have to worry about it after. You can adjust all your brand styles right here and not worry about them not being consistent ... read more
Sep 27

Broken HubSpot Forms? - HubSpot Updates Affect Free and Starter Form Styles

We all knew that the custom version of our HubSpot form styler for you HubSpot Free or HubSpot Marketing Starter users was "experimental". Well, it happened. HubSpot pushed out some critical updates this week that affected form embed codes across the board.   The sad news is that you Free and Starter users will have to ditch the styling of your forms that ... read more
Aug 18

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a HubSpot Landing Page Template with

For those of you just getting started with Belch for the first time, here's an easy-to-follow step by step guide on how to use our desktop application:   1. Launch the Belch app and then log into your HubSpot portal:  (click here to try for free) Once you log into HubSpot, choose which portal you want to connect with, so we can pull in hubSpot menus and ... read more