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Simple Web Design Ideas to Make Your Page Pop

Design matters. Regardless of whether it's product, structural, interior, or any other variety, design has the ability to affect the senses, and enable feeling and action. In web design, well-designed pages can muster great first impressions, communicate intentional messages, and convert targeted audiences. Font, color and layout all influence visual engagement. However, aside from the design basics, you want your website to stand out. Let’s talk about how you can make your web pages pop.

5 Unique Ways to Add a Pop to Your Page Design

A good web design emphasizes the most important content on the page. To do this, utilize color, visuals, and graphics to break up and highlight different sections. Here are some subtle, yet effective ways you can do this:

1. Highlight your content with page formatting and font styles.

Utilize font weight, design, capitalization, and formatting to pull out important phrases, numbers, links and quotes. With the right styling options, you can guide your viewers through a storyline, while pinpointing what's most important to focus on.


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2. Use simple borders and line separators to frame and separate content.

Add colorful borders and lines to sections, subheads, and images. These elements can be used to call attention to headlines and create breaks within the page to organize the content to match the flow of the page.

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3. Help viewers to see and quickly digest important facts with icons.

Choose icons that will add emphasis to the most valuable information on your page. Viewers can easily digest token pieces of information when they are paired with symbols. These simple graphics also make it easy for viewers to scan a page and quickly understand what to expect.



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4. Draw attention and engage page viewers with movement.

Play with parallax and GIFs to make your page more dynamic and engaging. Animations can also offer an opportunity to include multiple layers of content by showcasing information that is typically communicated through video. This way you prevent overstuffing your page with text and still get your message across.



5. Breakup sections and add flavor to your page design by incorporating textured backgrounds.

Create depth and contrast on your page by filling section backgrounds with pattern, as an alternative to always relying on solid color or images. Select designs that will add to your brand image and highlight the content, without pulling attention away from the viewer.



Fundamental Design Notes to Remember When Designing a Website Page

Regardless of which additional elements of design you choose to implement, there are a few components of design that cannot be overlooked. As you’re creating your website, keep these things in mind:

  • Branding. Make sure the general aesthetic, image style, font size and color are all in line with your brand guidelines.

  • White Space. Negative space helps to break up sections, images, and provide visual breathing room.

  • Mobile Optimization. Consider what aspects of your page design will look like from a mobile view.

If done correctly, proper web page design is key to creating quality experiences for users on your site, who you want to convert into leads and customers. Your website is increasingly the most important aspect of your marketing and sales processes, so don't overlook the importance of not only presenting the right content, but also presenting it in a way that is impactful for your target demographic. Direct your viewers to the right information on your site with design, and you’ll see significant overall growth and positive engagements with potential customers

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